How To Make a Big Mac
How To Make a Big Mac-102:03

How To Make a Big Mac-1

Airdate September 27, 2013
Episode Guide

How To Make a Big Mac is


The video begins with ingredients on the table, as well as a list. 

Next, HowToBasic puts a bread half on the table, places mayonnaise on the half and places a piece of lettuce on the mayo. He grabs a piece of beef patty and slaps it onto the lettuce. He spills the pickles on the beef patty and gets another half of bread. He adds more mayonnaise to the pattty and finishes spilling the pickles. He puts on a lettuce, grabs more of the beef patty and places onto the lettuce and slaps the entire thing. Next, HowToBasic adds six Big Macs from McDonalds and slaps them all. He grabs a cabage and slaps it onto the table, destroying it. He emptys out the McDonalds french fries in three packages and slaps the whole thing. Now, he slaps four sodas from McDonalds and destroys the cups. Finally, he adds the hamburger to the box of Big Mac and tops the thing with a bread half, then closes the thing, then slaps the ingredients and shifts them to the sink. 

Finally he places a piece of butter and lands it on the spilt soda. 

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